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Are you struggling in generating web visitors to your business? Obtaining new customers and increasing sales conversions is not an easy task. You need to learn and understand how search engine optimization will help you in increasing the website traffic.

Many businesses nowadays have websites, but are not visible on any search engine results. This means that potential customers would not be able to find them and this may lead to potential loss of business opportunities, profits and revenues. There are instances where companies are spending thousands of dollars paying for website designs that were not optimized by the web designers. That’s why it’s important to hire a website designer or a company that can optimize your website by following the standards of SEO.

A good SEO company or web designer should know the key drivers in increasing the traffic growth. Two things you should consider are:

  • Analysis – It is important to create a website that has good architecture and content patterns. Analyzing the structure of the website is necessary to know if the website can pass the ever changing algorithm. This way it will be easier to maximize the traffic to your website.
  • Math – Doing mathematical approach that can help in evaluating and gauging the opportunities based on the potential returns of the website. It is good to hire a company that’s using tool that can measure the approximate traffic based on the inputs such as number of links, average DA, content footprint and linking domains.

Aside from those key drivers of web traffic, there are other ways to increase the website visitors through search engine optimization.

1. Creating a Keyword Database

SEO professionals know that creating keyword database is important in search engine optimization. It plays a significant role in driving traffic to your website. However, you should know and use scalable keywords that you can use for organic and paid search marketing campaigns. The keyword database should be easy to manage and organise, easy to update, collaborative and actionable.

There are many online keyword databases that can help you out, but you’ll find many require a monthly or one-off fee. Market Samurai will analyse the keywords for a certain topic and help you determine the best keywords to target. By combining a tool like this with your own keyword database you’ll give yourself a key strategic advantage over the competition.

2. Content Strategy

A responsive website should be designed considering its content, especially after Google’s mobile web update. If you’re unsure how to create a responsive website then click here to see my responsive CSS web design tutorial. This makes sense of using content strategies so that your website will be visible of the search engines and eventually drive traffic.

Content is essential to any website and the success of the site depends partly on its content. That’s why if you notice that your site isn’t driving traffic then it’s about time to let a web designer redesign your web considering implementing effective content strategy.

3. Information Architecture

Information architecture is also important in driving huge traffic to your website and eventually SEO success. A website should be scalable, crawlable and tiered. Making your website scalable would mean that your system can easily grow as large as you can and want through driving traffic that can be converted into sales.

Likewise, making the website crawlable would allow anyone to easily and quickly crawl the content so that it will be indexed by the search engine robots. Using Google Webmaster Tools will help you understand how Google and other search engine bots view your website. You can see crawl errors, crawl results, and understand how Google sees your website.

4. Tiered Link Building

Tiered link building is a long-time preached concept that is related to SEO. This will help your URL architecture by focusing on a specific concept. By structuring the URLs, all the relevant content will be fed upward to a particular location directory.
Common Link Building Mistakes

Many people become complacent with this strategy that they’re now stuck in the past. Over the past few years there’s been a huge number of Google updates which have made old techniques redundant or less effective.

Content is King

Remember that no matter how hard you work to build backlinks, you always need to have strong content on your website. The higher the number of words in a post the higher the website will typically rank. That means that posting 1 article of 2500 words would be better than 3 much smaller articles.

Keep your Links Up-to-Date

Having a strong number of backlinks is important, but only if they’re relevant and up-to-date. If you’re being linked to by lots of low ranking or expired websites then you’ll see a negative impact to your search results. This comes back to managing your site well with Google Webmaster Tools.

Focusing Too Long on Link Building

At the end of the day you want to focus on creating killer content that your users love to share. If they share it then their followers may share it. Before you know it you’ve gone viral. Gone are the days of comprehensive and complex link building strategies. If you focus on great content and get it noticed by key players in your industry then you’re on to a winner.

5. Building an Email List

Launching your product prior to the actual launch can also help in increasing the traffic to your website. This can be possible by building a list for your prospect before launching your product. This way it will be easier to obtain traffic as soon as you launch your business. This technique is a great help in generating visitors even during the initial days of the launching. Likewise, list building also offers some benefits such as building the audience and user base and you can also make changes once you obtain invaluable feedback.

6. Page Title

Another thing to consider that can help to increase the website visitors with SEO is by having page title that contain at least three long tail keywords. Likewise, it is also important to make the page title descriptive, unique and relevant to the content.

7. Heading Tags

Another important SEO practice that would make visitors draw into your website is using a least 2 H1 heading tags including the keywords of the content on your page. However, you should know that keyword-stuffing should be avoided. Likewise, you should also include H2 heading tags in order to break up the content. This technique will make Google recognize your website and it will be seen online by your potential clients.

8. Internal Links

Through the internal links placed on your page, you will have the chance to drive your visitors to other content that you own and draw them towards your site. The visitors will be directed to your site once they click the links.

Implementing the SEO practices can be difficult, but it will help your website increase the traffic. Keep in mind that the success of your website and the business in general is through the traffic that visiting your site. That’s why if you don’t have the skills to optimize your site the best thing to do is to hire SEO expert who can design your site in such a way that it can endure the ever changing algorithms.

It is very expensive to hire the real experts in SEO, but it will bring numerous benefits to your site. Thus, you should not think about it as expenses, instead consider it as an investment for your business. By implementing SEO practices you can ensure attracting traffic to your website and you can easily thrive the competition and achieve higher rankings in the search engine results pages. Above all those information cited, the bottom line is that if you want your website to be recognized by the search engines you should ensure that the web pages are relevant for a specific search query.

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