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How I'm Challenging Myself in 2015

Blog Image So this will be my first monthly update for you guys. I intend to keep these short and sweet so I can give a heads up on what's planned in the next month and what's changing. Read More.


Adding reCAPTCHA with PHP

Blog Image One of the best ways to stop contact form spam on your website is by implementing a CAPTCHA or RECAPTCHA. These are simple checks that verify whether the user is real or a bot before sending you the mail. Read More.


Pure CSS Parallax Effect

Blog Image The parallax effect gives the user a depth of field and perspective on a flat web page. This means that different elements scroll at different rates, such as a slow moving background compared to the content in the foreground. Read More.


Alternating Row Colors in CSS and PHP

Blog Image Displaying data in HTML tables is great as it provides clear structure and allows users to easily read what you're telling them. But it sometimes gets hard to determine between different rows and columns. Adding borders can help, but it... Read More.


Facebook Style PHP Chat and Shoutbox with jQuery

Blog Image Shoutboxes and chat scripts have been very popular in recent times, especially with jQuery and AJAX becoming more mainstream. This article will take you through how to create a Facebook chat / shoutbox in PHP 5 OOP, MySQL, HTML 5,... Read More.


HTML 5 and CSS jQuery Log-in and Registration Popup Box

Blog Image Registration and log-in forms are both very common features of websites. As users don't like constantly loading pages, webmasters are finding themselves calling the forms with Javascript and overlaying them over the page content. This article takes you through how... Read More.


Simple CSS Alignments with Flexbox

Blog Image Vertical centering and vertical alignment in CSS has always given web developers a headache. What makes the problem worse is that where there should be a simple answer, there simply isn't. CSS rules such as vertical-align doesn't influence block elements... Read More.


Stylised HTML Ordered List

Blog Image In CSS there are two types of lists, unordered <ul> and ordered <ol>. Both of these should cover the basic requirements for a web developer, but styling ordered lists can be tricky. Read More.


HTML 5 Vertical Navigation Menu

Blog Image There are two different types of navigation menus in HTML, vertical, and horizontal. This tutorial will take you through creating a stylish CSS 3 vertical menu. I'll show you how to create a basic menu, all the way through to... Read More.


Responsive HTML 5 and CSS 3 Flexbox Dropdown Menu

Blog Image HTML and CSS are evolving almost daily, with new features and standards being addopted by browsers. One of the most highly anticipated implementation is Flexbox. Until very recently this had been adopted by all but Firefox, this has now changed! Read More.


CSS Opacity - Setting Transparent Backgrounds

Blog Image With all common browsers now supporting CSS 3, I'm seeing more and more developers seeking to use its design features. One of the most asked about topics is opacity. Seemingly, this is tied in with Twitter using semi-transparent backgrounds on... Read More.


Simple HTML 5 & CSS 3 Responsive Layout

Blog Image Modern day web-design is no longer about laptop vs. desktop, we have mobile and tablet devices added to the mix. This originally presented developers and designers with a headache. How can you maximise the viewing of your website on a... Read More.