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Continuing with my SEO series, here's the next important list for developing the Search Engine Optimisation of your website.

Commentluv is a very popular Wordpress plugin that incentivises social sharing and keyword promotion. It's great because it allows you to enable dofollow links, perfect for webmasters to start building those all important backlinks.

Below is a list of Commentluv enabled websites that you can use to start building your backlink portfolio. Remember, the more backlinks your site has, the higher it'll appear in search engine rankings.. that means more organic visitors.

Pagerank 7 - DoFollow Commentluv list

Pagerank 6 - DoFollow Commentluv list

Pagerank 5 - DoFollow Commentluv list

Pagerank 4 - DoFollow Commentluv list

Make use of this list to build your traffic and backlinks. Limit yourself to a steady stream of backlinks, too many could result in your site getting negatively affected. Let me know in the comments below if you have any blogs to add to the list.

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