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I'm Adam, a 25 year old guy from just outside London, United Kingdom. I have a passion for skiing, squash, Manchester United, and football. I also have the coolest dog called Rocky. I'm an IT/business consultant by day, and a web developer and entrepreneur by night. I may not do this full-time, but I have helped over 1 million people learn web development and webmaster skills in the last 10+ years.

I have 10+ years experience with HTML, CSS, jQuery, MySQL and PHP, and want to share what I know. I enjoy helping others and love making a difference in peoples lives. Don't just ask me, see what my awesome readers think.

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Joe Hanson

This is the best simple navigation tutorial I've read so far. Why do others make it so hard!

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Jesse Smit

Hey Adam, these tutorials really are great, I started learning HTML and CSS 2 weeks ago and am now picking apart tutorials to learn new bits. These are highly informative and fun in the way they are set-up.

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Thanks for posting this very thorough and well constructed tutorial. Nicely done, and a great addition to my ongoing collection of HTML-5 recipes. I've dubbed it the "Adam-Bray-Method" in my cookbook.

My Story

It all started back in 2004 when I broke up with my girlfriend, I suddenly found myself with a lot of extra time. I decided to play around with Adobe Photoshop and create forum signatures. Surprised with how easy it was to use, I decided to try making a website design. After slicing it up I had my first ever website - it was rubbish, but it was something.

I created a load of different designs, but found it difficault to make any changes after it was sliced. I decided to look at this crazy thing called HTML so I could make the edits myself. A few months down the road I joined a web design department at a local company where they introduced me to PHP and MySQL. I loved it. I was always looking to build the next feature, whether it was a blog, user system, or a forum.

Now I find myself working for one of the largest IT companies in the world as a consultant, using all this technical knowledge and harnesing these skills to help customers solve business problems. Not only this, but I've run workshops to help over 500 people develop their skills to spread the knowledge and help the business.

So Why are you Blogging?

For many years between the end of my first website and start of this one I was active within a fairly popular web design community. I worked my way through the community to a point where I eventually became head admin and was responsible for growing the site and developing the next version. But I found myself thinking - why am I doing all this work for free when my tutorials are the most popular and I'm developing the site? It simply didn't make sense.

I decided to take my domain and start developing my own site with my own content. Now I find myself on this journey to build the site from the very start and publish the content I want to share.

The next step in my journey is to not only show how to code and develop websites, but how to grow and maintain them. My goal is to reach 100,000 monthly visitors by the end of 2015. I'll be posting monthly progress updates on what I've changed and how I hope that will improve the site.